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Houses of Heaven Releases Two Singles from Upcoming Remnant EP

Houses of Heaven is the San Francisco based three piece of Keven Tecon, Adam Beck, and Nick Ott. Remnant, their inceptive EP, is a bleak, dub-influenced production, mixing elements of electronic music, Krautrock, and psychedelia, with nods to the the extreme sonic treatments of Adrian Sherwood. Produced by Monte Vallier (Wax Idols, Weekend), Remnant blends shifting textures of drum machines, live percussion, ambient guitar, vintage delays and custom engineered effects.

Black Waves opens with hypnotic percussion, Beck's abstract rhythm guitar, and stark, angular basslines from former Soft Moon bassist Justin Anastasi, who makes a guest appearance on the EP. Almost Hidden follows with an effected wash of guitar and pulsing electronic drums. Remain is a dense, reverb-laden drone of guitar and synth bass. The EP closes with Subfloor, featuring Ott’s heavy toms, Tecon's evocative reversed vocals, and Beck's seraphic guitar.

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Mare Island Releases New Single - Unawake

The San Francisco based band, Mare Island has released a new single, Unawake:

While the various members of Mare Island have known each other and toured together for years, Mare Island is a band over a decade in the making. Vocalist Josh Staples and bassist Sean Leary grew up childhood friends in Sonoma County. Staples first provided guest vocals on Loma Preita’s 2007 album Last City, which started regular contributions. Having left Loma Prieta at the start of this decade, guitarist Sean Chao had a happenstance run-in with Leary in 2015. The duo began writing and demoing songs, bringing Staples in to provide lyrics and vocals, with Chao’s roommate Evan Sarna joining on drums. Mare Island’s music makes clear nods toward the members’ other projects, but with outward experimental pushes through the use of pitch-shifted loops and samples. Working with producer/engineer Ian Pellicci (Deerhoof/The Dodos/Thao and the Get Down Stay Down), the group brought in San Francisco's Magik*Magik Orchestra, imbuing the songs with a rich, ethereal quality.

Mare Island will release their debut, Eponymous EP on June 23rd.

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Moon Room and Redacted present monthlong AAPI music showcase across the Southland

May is apparently International Masturbation Month (even though July 21st is International Masturbation Day, according to Wikipedia). It's also Asian Pacific American Heritage Month—a celebration worth having with friends beside (or along with) your JO buddy.

Asian American & Pacific Islander voices have historically been reduced and marginalized in Western-centric music culture, but this month the voices of AAPI artists coalesce in a resounding cheer of affirmation. Enter Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Showcase: a series of events spanning six dates, 24 artists, and several venues across Orange County, Long Beach, and Los Angeles as a collaboration between organizers [Redacted] and Moon Room, with support from KXLU, Allies in Arts, Center for Asian American Media, Color Study Zine, and more. Earnest in conception and DIY in approach, the showcase will feature AAPI solo artists and groups of the Southland breaking new ground with compelling sounds and shattering tired stereotypes as they face systemic issues of cultural (mis)representation head-on.

This Sunday, catch the first free 21+ showcase at Fullerton's Continental Room featuring Polartropica, Lions!, PAST HYPE, and Phoebe's Guitar. – Ryan Mo, flyer credit: Roger Hallaway

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Dolly Spartans get covered by The Wild Honey Pie, play Shea on 06.01

We heard talent when we heard Dolly Spartans' debut EP by Dolly Spartans in the spring of 2015 - and that's why we named it our record of the month. We are glad to see other local blogs covering the young NYC quartet: The Wild Honey Pie just posted a very flattering review of their latest single "It's not Easy" (streaming below). The group just released sophomore EP 'Time Sides With No One' and it's scheduled to perform at the new Shea Stadium location on June 1st, which we are not entirely sure is defined yet, although the venue recently more than succeeded in funding a Kickstarter campaign for its new spot.

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New Music Video: "The Source" - Void Vision

Smokey, shadowy synths come with a submissive wrapped in cellophane; the recently unearthed video for “The Source” by Void Vision visualizes the mysterious, edgy momentum that Shari Vari creates. Found on her latest LP Sub Rosa (Mannequin Records), the song’s alluring yet creepy vibe comes to life via haunting keys, generating a hyperactive tumultuous tale. Capturing a sinister, spiritual splitting, the video confounds with its perplexing optics. You can catch Void Vision tomorrow night at Johnny Brenda’s with ADULT and Ritual Howls.


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