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ENTRANCE and Bill Callahan Play Starline Social Club in Oakland - 2/4

Don't miss ENTRANCE at Starline Social Club in Oakland on Saturday, February 4th w/ Bill Callahan in support of his upcoming album, Book of Changes.

ENTRANCE's Book of Changes (out Feb. 24th) is a poetic song cycle about the seasons of the heart, tracing an emotional journey through longing and emptiness to peace and redemption. The record achieves a seamless melding of the personal, political and philosophical, a vibrant document of an artist hitting a creative stride and discovering an expansive new sound. The first single "Always the Right Time" takes the same energy of ENTRANCE's protest track, Not Gonna Say Your Name and points that energy towards the positive, grabbing life by the horns and celebrating what's most important: "It's always the right time for love".

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Buzz Alert! DL is OK lands February residency at Pianos

We were glad to see Tom Petty's name mentioned in the profile notes of NYC artist DL is OK, because we were going to mention it in this blurb, and sometimes artists don't like their influences to be revealed (in particular when we get them wrong...) But, hey, there are a gazillion bands out there channeling The Ramones and Pavement, and some of them are nonetheless great and very original, just to say that influences means nothing. Point is, it's actually very easy to be original and devastatingly boring, while writing a truly good song is a heck of a lot harder, even if you wear your influences on your sleeve. As far as Tom Petty is concerned, the man is incredibly underrated among emerging indie bands, so much so that hardly anybody seems interested in referencing his music. Truth is, he wrote some of the most timeless pop songs in the history of mainstream rock, without every sounding cheesy, forced or contrived. As far as we are concerned, we need more songwriters able to blend americana, pop and rock in earnest and memorable musical nuggets the way he could. DL is OK's debut EP "Into the Flood" is a promising step in that direction - check out the titletrack below. The band just landed a residency at Pianos during the month of February, starting on the 7th.

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best Roots/Americana songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!

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The Deli Philly’s February Record of the Month: Tourist in This Town - Allison Crutchfield

Over the past decade, Allison Crutchfield - former member of bands like Swearin’ and P.S. Eliot - made a name for herself by crafting brutally candid anthems about love, loss, and nostalgia. With her latest release since 2014’s Lean Into Me, Crutchfield grapples with the present head-on.
Tourist in This Town opens with the warm and soulful start of “Broad Daylight,” a gospel-inspired declaration of love that quickly blooms into a synth-y and cinematic ballad about a romance on the brink of chaos. “I’m selfish, and I’m shallow, and unstable,” she confesses, before asking seconds later, “Was it mutual respect, or was it mutual frustration?” “Broad Daylight” says everything that earlier cuts like “No One Talks” couldn’t. Unafraid and shameless, it tells the truth without playing coy.
On “I Don’t Ever Want to Leave California,” Allison channels her inner Bethany Cosentino, coupling surf ready riffs and tambourine with admitted faults (“I keep confusing love and nostalgia”) and new desires (“I aspire to live in the present”).  The acoustic calm of “Charlie” evolves into an intimate portrait of infatuated yearning, an uplifting reminder that love and lust isn’t always turmoil, that sometimes it’s just sweet bliss. “Dean’s Room” brings to mind the percussive trill of New Order’s iconic single “Age of Consent,” and is equally dance-inducing. Lyrically and instrumentally frenetic, it’s pop-friendly tempo is seductive, but friendly. It’s the sort of song that could easily convince listeners to “dance with the devil in broad daylight.”
“Sightseeing” perfectly captures the feeling of being haunted by shattered relationships via ethereal chords and delicate reverb. When Allison sings, “I can’t enjoy Paris because I get away from you/like a ghost trapped inside my hotel room,” it’s nearly impossible not to relate. “Expatriate” is reminiscent of girl group all-stars like Lesley Gore and the Ronettes with the unabashed realness of the Shangri Las’s “Right Not Now and Not Later” and Shannon Shaw’s “Point of Being Right.” Spector-esque but without a shred of co-dependency, “Expatriate” is a celebration of those who love themselves as fiercely as they love their significant others. “Mile Away” is satisfyingly electric, filled with tempered drum beats and crashing cymbal, while the fast-paced brevity of “The Marriage” contrasts with the brooding but steady buzz of “Secret Lives and Deaths.”
Within the span of three tracks, Allison’s strengths shine bright, reminding fans that her sound is as diverse as her career has been. Tourist in This Town ends with the hissing snare and melodic riffs of “Chopsticks and Pots and Pans,” a heartfelt earworm bound to make you press replay again and again. In a way, Tourist in This Town is a milestone, in the literal sense. No longer preoccupied with the past, Allison Crutchfield is boldly embracing the present and looking forward to whatever is next. - Dianca London

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From the digital submissions: The Romantic Comedy goes to SXSW

The Romantic Comedy is certainly a fitting name for the new project (by members of Brooklyn's The Great American Novel), whose debut EP “Let's Be Sad Together” was released in late 2016. The EP features coming of age songs about wasting time ("Ugh"), falling head over heels for someone ("The Thirst") and wanting someone you can’t have ("Let's Be Sad Together," streaming below). Like in the movies the band's moniker is inspired by, these struggles are approached with an upbeat optimism, which musically speaking means "power pop." It looks like the quintet will be headed to Austin in March for the SXSW music festival.

This artist submitted music for coverage here.

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New Boosegumps EP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Boosegumps recently dropped On The Way to Meet You, a four-song EP that is available digitally as well on Lathe-cut vinyl via Birdtapes. The bedroom pop embraces a hopeful approach, as keys/synth unwrap the desire to achieve a positive perspective. There’s a good chance that one will feel just a little, bit better after listening to these personal, mantra-esque tracks.


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