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White Cloud

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Creepers Wreck and Reference and So Stressed Play the Hemlock Tavern TONIGHT

Creepers are a band to watch. Formed out of members of fellow Bay Area bands Deafheaven, White Cloud and Golden Drugs, the group sounds like psych rock with a progressive rock twist. Formed in 2011, the band recently released its first EP in October 2013. The recent self-titled EP contains two songs – Forked Tongues and Drug Vision. With shallow vocals and instrumentals that gravitate between blistering and subdued speeds, the first (and longest) song Forked Tongues is an epic, and is more reminiscent of psych rock. Drug Vision is an up-tempo tune, where Creepers’ prog-rock influences are more apparent. In the end, the two songs come together to create a cohesive and dynamic release. -Erin Dage

Be sure to catch Creepers at the Hemlock Tavern with Wreck and Reference and So Stressed December 22.

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White Cloud Fine Points Dylan Shearer Play Hemlock Tavern Tonight - 9/26

White Cloud, who will be headlining the night at the Hemlock Tavern tonight, takes psychedelic melodies and infuses them with Ian Curtis-like vocals, filled with heavy effects and a memorable arrangement of harmonization. Their song, “Car Wreck” features a heart beat-reminiscent intro, which is fast and loud, and then, breaks off into a dreamy chorus. Fine Points, who regrettably don’t have music readily available, feature members of Sleepy Sun. Lastly, acoustic singer/songwriter, Dylan Shearer will open up the night with a simple combination of vocals and acoustic guitar. In his song, “How We Could,” his vocals are soft and longing, potentially bringing an ease into the acts for the night.

Be sure to head on out to this diverse array of local artists at the Hemlock!- Victor Casillas Valle


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