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Live Review: Froth at Echoplex 11/12

It was too cold at the Echoplex last night. People inside were huddled up in jackets, but Roses warmed up the audience with some new dreamy jams — guitarist Juan Velasquez also called on the staff to turn down the AC.

Froth's van made it back, too. The guys looked beat after their North American tour with The Drums and Tamaryn, but this was the final stretch and their homecoming show. JooJoo seemed lax, but the crew simply crushed it with songs from their newest album Bleak — memorables like the drowner "Afternoon" and that upbeat "Postcard Radio" that swept Lollipoppers off their feet.

By 11, the venue was packed, and people were easing out of their jackets. Eyes were fixated on Tamaryn, starstruck and eager to hear Cranekiss live. A girl shouted, "You're so dreamy!" After that performance, we're inclined to agree.

Get some FOMO from the show on our Instagram, and catch Froth and Tamaryn again at the San Diego Music Thing this weekend. - Ryan Mo

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Froth tours, to play with Tamaryn and The Drums, show at Echoplex 11/12

On first listen, the tides of fuzz bends and pick slides coming from Nick Ventura and JooJoo Ashworth will smash you against the pummel of Jeremy Katz' low-end, knocking you senseless with the pelagic beats of Cameron Allen. And as your consciousness goes under the hazy depths, you will come to know Froth's oeuvre. The Los Angeles band, picked up once again by Burger Records for their 2015 sophomore Bleak, are traversing the interstate freeways of North America, having played a show yesterday at the Rebel Lounge in Phoenix, Arizona. Their next stop is the Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios in Denton, Texas, where they perform with Sealion and Dripping Wet.

The band has shifted from their '60s psych-pop debut Patterns to a fuller sound, brimming with crackle and crunch. But beyond the shoegaze sonics, Froth is still very much centered on pop structure and sensibility, both highly sought after but rarely executed with grace.  

Watch their music video for "Nothing Baby", a "98% autobiographical" of drummer Cameron Allen, and let the feels seep in. Froth performs 11/12 at the Echoplex with Tamaryn — will we see you there? - Ryan Mo


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