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Sympathetic Frequencies

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Dre Babinski's Altpop project Steady Holiday prefers "Your Version Of Me"

The two things you need to know about multi-instrumentalist Dre Babinski: she's idiosyncratic and particular. Older fans might remember Dre as the violinist/vocalist of Dusty Rhodes and the River Band, or as one half of the folkpop project Miracle Days. As a working musician, Dre admits that her job distanced her from creativity, and hence the local scene.

"I've had a pretty insulated experience. It wasn't til quite recently that I've felt the courage to lead a project and begin sharing my own work, and I'm quickly finding how nice it is to be a part of a community."

Her new solo project Steady Holiday digitally released "Your Version of Me", first single off the 2016 full-length Getting There. The looming progressions, cinematic strings, and lofty Spage Age vibes toy with a confession of (co)dependence. It might be a snapshot of Dre's musical and personal growth, but that's not up for discussion today.

"The only evolution I can speak on is a personal one, but we'll save that for my Oprah tell-all next week."

We're pumped all the same to hear Dre's Getting There next year. Steady Holiday performs tomorrow at Club Bahia with the Hunter Hunted extended family: Justin Cornwall, Sympathetic Frequencies, and Air Life. Stream "Your Version of Me", available on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and through Infinite Best. - Ryan Mo

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Stream: Sympathetic Frequencies "Only One"

Sympathetic Frequencies craft elegantly sculpted melodies with a touch of intricate detailing that's simply alluring. "Only One" is the one track on their latest EP, Possible Oceans, that opens up with a clear, affective message, an instantly likable tune that shimmers with its churning guitar grind and soft, multihued radiance. It maintains a lush, crystal-clear tone without overcomplicating things, carried with a swiftness that's fully commited to a sharp indie rock aesthetic. Which is always a necessity in one's playlist when done right - this is joyfully assertive guitar-pop that's straight-up accesible whilst creating a clever framework. The entirely of Possible Oceans can be heard on their bandcamp page. - Juan Rodríguez


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