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Steady Holiday

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Live Review: Steady Holiday at The Satellite 1/5

At one point Dre Babinski joked if The Satellite's audience could tell all her songs were in 6/8. The singer-songwriter sat snugly in her throne, a pistachio wing-back that contrasted sharply with the fireburst guitar in her hands. Softened by the acoustic hum of Bedouine and slightly inebriated, fans and friends threw their reactions to the stage, but Dre was unaffected. Her cool composure and glaucous coordination spun webs from Steady Holiday's soon-to-be-released debut Getting There — it was hard to move while songs like "Your Version of Me" persisted, even for the photographers. And at each definitive end, the cheers and applause reinforced our belief that even the softest voice can speak volumes under the right light, even on a Tuesday night.

See Steady Holiday perform again at the end of this month for Bootleg Theater's GIRLSCHOOL Fest and stay tuned for the slated release of Getting There. Check out pictures from the night on our Instagram @TheDeliLA- Ryan Mo, photo by Michelle McCausland

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Dre Babinski's Altpop project Steady Holiday prefers "Your Version Of Me"

The two things you need to know about multi-instrumentalist Dre Babinski: she's idiosyncratic and particular. Older fans might remember Dre as the violinist/vocalist of Dusty Rhodes and the River Band, or as one half of the folkpop project Miracle Days. As a working musician, Dre admits that her job distanced her from creativity, and hence the local scene.

"I've had a pretty insulated experience. It wasn't til quite recently that I've felt the courage to lead a project and begin sharing my own work, and I'm quickly finding how nice it is to be a part of a community."

Her new solo project Steady Holiday digitally released "Your Version of Me", first single off the 2016 full-length Getting There. The looming progressions, cinematic strings, and lofty Spage Age vibes toy with a confession of (co)dependence. It might be a snapshot of Dre's musical and personal growth, but that's not up for discussion today.

"The only evolution I can speak on is a personal one, but we'll save that for my Oprah tell-all next week."

We're pumped all the same to hear Dre's Getting There next year. Steady Holiday performs tomorrow at Club Bahia with the Hunter Hunted extended family: Justin Cornwall, Sympathetic Frequencies, and Air Life. Stream "Your Version of Me", available on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and through Infinite Best. - Ryan Mo

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Future Soul sensuals Air Life performs new songs at The Satellite tomorrow

Oh Taylor Dexter!

Beloved drummer of Hunter Hunted and the Body Parts. He who watched Daniel Garner and Ryder Bach raise roofs from afar. An apostle of the kit, born-again singer and frontman who spread the word of Pop and the future spirit of Soul into our hearts. Though our daily grind leaves us broken and defeated, the collective voice of Air Life lifts us up with such energy and funk, and carries us on.

Blessed are we Angelenos to have witnessed Air Life's residency at the Satellite, the collab performance with HOLYCHILD, and the back-to-back showcases at Echo Park Rising. Blessed are the stalwart sextet backing Dex, musicians of immeasurable talent — bassist Brad Babinski and drummer Brijesh Pandra, Derek Howa of keys and Mark Einhorn of the brass, the dextrous Wesley Singerman on guitar, and singer Cassandra Violet who loops and spits like it's nobody's business.

Woe to the music purveyors who forsake Air Life's next show, happening tomorrow at The Satellite with Steady Holiday and an undisclosed special guest to open the night. Forgive them, for they know not what they are missing out on (new music, an awesome live performance, $6 entrance with RSVP). - Ryan Mo


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