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Alt-rock Grave School releases debut EP, first burial seminar 9.17

Surf pop sinew meets Dinosaur Jr. soul in San Fernando Valley's newest alt-rock incarnation Grave School. Despite making a quiet entrance into the scene, this band has been in the works for a long time: singer/guitarist Gina Almaguer (Sheer) met drummer Aldo Felix (ACxDC, Human Garbage) online through mutual friends about two years ago.

"Grave School has technically been in the making since late 2013, when me and Aldo first started jamming — just the two of us."

Their busy schedules gave the project slow momentum, but patience has its virtues — Aldo and Gina also found able bodies from their circles: Daniel Castro (guitar/vox), Marisa Shirar (bass/vox), and Gilbert "Guzie" Guzman (Nomads, Sleepwalkers). Self-described as a pop-oriented, even cheesy, fun band, the vocals of Marisa, Daniel, and Gina (yes, they all sing) lifts listeners with '60s guitar jangle before burying them in six feet of dirtbox distortion. 

Grave School released their debut EP via Bandcamp earlier this month, and will play their first show at the Ventura Music Factory on September 17th, supporting Choir Vandals (St. Louis) with Papertowns. (Phoenix) and Living Ghosts (Oxnard). Take note, and check out the first song "Clutch" to their EP below. - Ryan Mo

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Sleepwalkers launch tour, play Jammin' Java March 1st.

The fantabulous Sleepwalkers are playing Jammin' Java on on March 1st! YES! They're opening up for Ithaca's Jimkata, so it's gonna be a huge trippy party, which is a great scene in which to enjoy Sleepwalkers' dirty pop/psych-rock amazingness.

For those of us living close to DC, we've had to enjoy Sleepwalkers' rise through the Richmond scene from afar, listening to their brilliant album, Greenwood Shade, or watching videos of their live shows. Now they're here! And Jammin' Java will be just the first stop on a two month tour that will take them througout the Midwest and South. Exciting times! Don't miss the beggining of a great career, at Jammin' Java, March 1st, doors at 8:30, $10.

It's hard to pick which song I want to stream here. There's at least 5 singles on the album, and they're all different. I'm gonna pick the second track, "Breaking My Heart," cause I'm feelin' it right now. Sounds a lot like Moby Grape's "Going Nowhere" mixed with some psychedelic power-pop like the Lemon Pipers. Or something. Seriously, listen to the whole thing.  --Natan Press

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Best DC Area Emerging Artists of 2014: FINAL RESULTS: 1. Typefighter, 2. Sleepwalkers, 3. Teen Mom

Deli Nation,

Our Year End Poll for Emerging DC Area Artists was - as usual - a painstaking (and somewhat excruciating) process, but we pulled it off with remarkable flair!

Congratulations to garage-pop wizards Typefighter for winning the poll! Typefighter released The End of Everything in early 2014 to much critical acclaim. Their tight and energetic live shows make them a must see, and obviously one of DC's most exciting bands. We wait with baited breath for their next move. 

Richmond's Sleepwalkers came in a close second with our jurors, thanks to their phenominal debut album, Greenwood Shade. Less than two years after they formed, Sleepwalkers released an impressively ambitious and succesful collection of well crafted psychedelic pop-rock that defies categorization and leaves jaws dropped.     

Teen Mom keep our excitement bubbling on a constant simmer, dropping lo-fi fuzz-pop gems every few months. A staple of DC's rich house-show scene, they do everything you love about electric guitars. We want more. Now please. Thank you.  

Here is how it all went down: first, we let the local bands submit their music (for free), and got our Deli editors to pick the nominees. Then we polled a list of 15+ DC Area scene expert (our jury) and asked them to nominate 3 more bands of their choice each. Then we polled our writers, then we polled our readers. We tried to keep things open for each single genre, from Indie Rock to Roots Music to Hip Hop.

If you are a geek interested in all the subtelties related to how this poll works, you can read its rules here (happy reading!). But if all you care about is the awesome new music DC Area produced in the year 2014, this list is all you need. Enjoy!

****** FINAL RESULTS ******
Typefighter   7   0.001 7.001
Sleepwalkers   6   0.051 6.051 icon
Teen Mom   5   0.003 5.003 icon
Dead Professional   5     5 icon
GEMS   4   0.001 4.001 icon
Footwerk   2   2 4 icon
People's Blues of Richmond     2 1.5 3.5 icon
The Walking Sticks   3   0.5 3.5 icon
Party Like It's   3   0.072 3.072 icon
Dr. Robinson's Fiasco   3   0.026 3.026 icon
Avers     3 0.019 3.019
Louis Weeks   3   0.018 3.018 icon
ELM   3   0.007 3.007 icon
Spirit Plots   3   0.006 3.006 icon
Owen Danoff   3   0.004 3.004 icon
Hot Dolphin   3   0.003 3.003 icon
The Deadmen   3   0.002 3.002
The NRIs   3   0.002 3.002 icon
Barbelith   3   0.001 3.001 icon
  Disciples of Christ   3   0.001 3.001 icon
  Lowercase Letters   3   0.001 3.001 icon
  Navi   3   0.001 3.001
  PLOY   3   0.001 3.001 icon
  Putrisect   3   0.001 3.001 icon
Art Sorority For Girls   3     3 icon
  Black Clouds   3     3 icon
  Curse   3     3 icon
  Loud Boyz   3     3 icon
  Old Lines   3     3 icon
Sean Barna   2   0.037 2.037 icon
The Cowards Choir   2   0.028 2.028 icon
Feed God Cabbage   2   0.023 2.023 icon
The Trillions   2   0.015 2.015 icon
Pigeons Playing Ping Pong   2   0.012 2.012 icon
MH & His Orchestra   2   0.006 2.006 icon
Cigarette   2   0.003 2.003 icon
Two Inch Astronaut   2   0.003 2.003 icon
7 Door Sedan   2   0.002 2.002 icon
  Furniteur   2   0.002 2.002 icon
  Priests   2   0.002 2.002 icon
  The Milkstains   2   0.002 2.002 icon
Chaz French   2   0.001 2.001 icon
  Pure Disgust   2   0.001 2.001 icon
  Terracide   2   0.001 2.001 icon
Cemetery Piss   2     2 icon
  Lightwaves   2     2 icon
  Lobo Marino   2     2 icon
  Unsacred   2     2 icon
  Vexine   1   1 2 icon
The Northerners     1.5 0.008 1.508 icon
Andrew Aylward     1.5   1.5 icon
Walk the Plank   1   0.032 1.032 icon
Fortress   1   0.031 1.031 icon
Sun Cycle   1   0.025 1.025 icon
The Duskwhales   1   0.025 1.025 icon
Sol Root   1   0.019 1.019 icon
Moogatu   1   0.012 1.012 icon
YUM   1   0.009 1.009 icon
Baby Bry Bry   1   0.007 1.007 icon
Black Water Gold   1   0.006 1.006 icon
Wanted Man   1   0.004 1.004 icon
Shark Week   1   0.003 1.003
Mirror Kisses   1   0.002 1.002 icon
Pleasure Curses   1   0.002 1.002 icon
Diamond District   1   0.001 1.001 icon
  Friendbeast   1   0.001 1.001 icon
  Margot MacDonald   1   0.001 1.001 icon
  Marian McLaughlin   1   0.001 1.001 icon
  Pree   1   0.001 1.001 icon
Blockhead   1     1 icon
  GHz   1     1 icon
  Harmonic Blue   1     1 icon
  Joy Buttons   1     1 icon
Legend: J = Jurors, W = Deli Writers,
R = Deli Readers, OS = Open Submissions

Jurors List: Lynda Lu (DC Rocks), Mike Rutz (WRIR), Nestor (Velvet Lounge), Matty Pants (The Sidebar), This Is Our Jam staff (This Is Our Jam), Jon Meyers (The Vinyl District), Mark (Strange Matter), Andrew Cothern (RVA Playlist), Josh Sisk (photography), Alley Gibson (DC Music Download), Craig Boarman (Ottobar), Chris Naoum (Listen Local First), Daniel Brindley (Jammin Java), Bobby Egger (Vinyl Conflict), Vincent Brown (Freedom Village), Tori Kerr (DCist), Andy Hess (DCist), John Church (Heady Entertainment), Jennifer Vinson (DC Setlist), David Hintz (DC Rock Live), Katie Bowles (DC Music Download), Metal Chris (DC Heavy Metal), Kevin Hill (Chunky Glasses), Brandon Wetherbee (Brightest Young Things), Erin Coulehan (DC Music Live/Rolling Stone), Kisha Shorter (9:30 Club).   

Hope you'll find some awesome new artists you weren't aware of!

The Deli's Staff

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Sleepwalkers debut "Summertime" for the 4th.

 Richmond favorites, and DC Area Deli Band of the Month, Sleepwalkers released a new single in honor of our nation's birth and the season. "Summertime" is a synth-pop gem, breezy and filled with enough misty harmonies to keep you cool on the hottest days. Happy America!  --Natan Press

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Black Girls Record Release Show!

Richmond’s beloved Black Girls started the year by announcing the impending release of their new album, Claire Sinclaire, with a video teaser.  Finally, you can pick up your first copy (and/or a limited edition cassette with bonus tracks) at the record release show at Balliceaux, in Richmond this Saturday, 3/8, where they will be joined by Sleepwalkers and DJ Rattan. Check out a new surfy instrumental B-side (not on the album) below. –Natan Press


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