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A Deli premiere: Pregnant's video for "Jar of Clay" - see them live at Elbo Room 06.25

Pregnant is the electro/indie-pop brainchild of bizarre Bay Area composer Daniel Trudeau. We are premiering here the official video for "Jar of Clay" from the upcoming album, Duct Tape. The video is a psychedelic collage of kaleidoscopic visuals and lush natural imagery that compliments the unpredictable, Animal Collective-esque composition. Pregnant will bring his quirky and imaginative sound to Elbo Room on June 25th, do not miss it, and watch the video for "Jar of Clay" below! - Ethan Ames

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West coast tour begins for OC rockers Media Jeweler, tomorrow at Beatnik Bandito

Get your rocks off with the rock band (full-stop) Media Jeweler tomorrow as they kick off their West Coast tour, saying and playing their goodbyes at the Beatnik Bandito in Santa Ana with Canyons, Slow Rose, and Rufrano. Sam and the gang will make a pit-stop in time for Pehrspace's "First Fridays" 9/4 with support from Pregnant, Bloody Death Skull, and Madame Headdress, and then it's off to the mystical lands of Norcal and beyond!

Unfortunately, y'all missed your chance at a free download of their debut album $99 R/T Hawaii, with songs that have recently been lauded by big-name tastemakers Pitchfork and Stereogum (we wrote some nice things about them, too). Media Jeweler had originally planned to self-release in August as we previously reported, but that's all changed after a solid partnership with the Brooklyn-based label Fire Talk Records, whose roster includes acts like Dreamcrusher and Advaeta. Now, the album will be cut and released in limited quantites pink and black vinyl so you can get sensual with a physical copy on or before November 20th! And of course if you pre-order you'll also get a digital download of the album, which is slated for a release September 18th on their Bandcamp. 

Because let's be honest: that round-trip airfare isn't gonna pay itself.

Check out their most recent collaboration with up-and-coming director Anthony Joseph Lucido in the music video for "Passport Invalid" below. - Ryan Mo

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Pregnant IS an experimental band - "Pottery Mill" out on April 30

It's sometimes quite comical how bands grossly miscategorize themselves when they subscribe to our charts or when they submit a record for review. The most common example is singer-songwriters who want to be perceived as "indie rock," even though they sound nothing like that... without mentioning all the artists who think that they are "experimental" or "avant-garde" - which is why we decided to remove those genres from the list in the first place. If on one hand it's true that we can all be experimental in our little world ("I experimented with a new awesome chord I never tried before, it was an E major!"), on the other hand, it can't be denied that the label requires some serious musical adventurousness

We found that adventurousness when we stumbled upon Placerville based band Pregnant's new single "Strangers" - streaming below - which sounds like a beautifully organized but still rather sparse form of musical... chaos. A snare drum, a blip, a few random cymbal sounds, and 3 recurring mellowtron notes keep an irregular, fluctuating tempo plodding along, while a captivating chanting melody and a subdued guitar bring the song together.

The musical pipe of once described hillbilly savant (and producer and visual artist) Daniel Trudeau, Pregnant will be releasing new album "Pottery Mill" on April 30. Check out also the video for Crush On here.


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