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Peculiar Pretzelmen

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Song premiere: "Howling Gale" - The Peculiar Pretzelmen

 We’re proud to premiere the latest track from The Peculiar Pretzelmen, “Howling Gale”:

This self-proclaimed avant-Americana, pre-war blues duo from LA has Kansas City ties—local label Money Wolf Music has released some of the band’s previous (and future) recordings.
“Howling Gale” is the first single off the Pretzelmen’s upcoming material—they will be releasing two EPs entitled Gentlemen Scoundrels: Rule Book Volume I and II at the end of summer. They’ll also release a comic book and digital single this fall, and their third full-length album in 2014.
This track characterizes the Pretzelmen: a bare bones but vicious three-minute attack that is simultaneously sparse and mammoth. M. Incroyable’s aggressive vocal phrasings tower over his austere banjo riff. The Deacon drives each song with unique percussion, which, according to their bio, is “less drum kit and more spoils of an old man’s work bench.” The chicks and booms of various found objects round out the gritty, in-your-face vibe of the track.
Be sure to check out this track and the Pretzelmen’s forthcoming EP. They’ll be stopping back in the area to play at Replay Lounge on Sunday, October 6, with Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy.

--Michelle Bacon

Michelle is editor of The Deli Magazine - Kansas City, plays drums Drew Black & Dirty Electric, and bass with Dolls on Fire and The PhilistinesShe has a Drumbot inspired by The Deacon's kit. It's gigantic and will probably have to be sold with her house.

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