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New Mothers LP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Render Another Ugly Method is the new album from Georgia transplants Mothers, and is out now via ANTI- Records. Whether subtlety set adrift or racing toward an undeclared destination, the band occupies a semi-chaotic, heady space that follows Kristine Leschper’s vocal lead. There’s an unpredictability to the release, as the band shifts between a chilly serenity and frenetic flashes of energy. Supported by Mega Bog, Mothers will be headlining Johnny Brenda’s on Saturday, November 3.

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JP's CMJ 2014 Day 4: Whiskey Bitches, Johnnie Lee Jordan & The Boys, Toot Sweet, Swaai Boys, Mothers

Today was…interesting. This may be a rather less in-depth recap than my previous two. I got distracted. A couple of times. I had a plenty early start to the day. Unshowered, my head in a fog, I met my buds from Vomitface in Williamsburg to go see Whiskey Bitches (pictured) at Knitting Factory. But Whiskey Bitches weren’t playing Knitting Factory. At least not today. We got our dates confused, and they were playing there the following day. Whoops! So where else to but Baby’s All Right! I feel like this place is becoming a home away from home. - Keep reading JP Basileo's report of day 4 of the CMJ Music Marathon 2014



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