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Future Soul sensuals Air Life performs new songs at The Satellite tomorrow

Oh Taylor Dexter!

Beloved drummer of Hunter Hunted and the Body Parts. He who watched Daniel Garner and Ryder Bach raise roofs from afar. An apostle of the kit, born-again singer and frontman who spread the word of Pop and the future spirit of Soul into our hearts. Though our daily grind leaves us broken and defeated, the collective voice of Air Life lifts us up with such energy and funk, and carries us on.

Blessed are we Angelenos to have witnessed Air Life's residency at the Satellite, the collab performance with HOLYCHILD, and the back-to-back showcases at Echo Park Rising. Blessed are the stalwart sextet backing Dex, musicians of immeasurable talent — bassist Brad Babinski and drummer Brijesh Pandra, Derek Howa of keys and Mark Einhorn of the brass, the dextrous Wesley Singerman on guitar, and singer Cassandra Violet who loops and spits like it's nobody's business.

Woe to the music purveyors who forsake Air Life's next show, happening tomorrow at The Satellite with Steady Holiday and an undisclosed special guest to open the night. Forgive them, for they know not what they are missing out on (new music, an awesome live performance, $6 entrance with RSVP). - Ryan Mo

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Video: holychild, “Best Friends”

Electro-pop duo, holychild, have released the video for their feel-good summertime jam “Best Friends.” Filled with spastic dancing, confetti, and youthful shenanigans, the video is set in the bizarre wasteland of Bombay Beach, focusing heavily on the frontwoman of the group, Elizabeth Nistico. In the vein of Sleigh Bells, the tune has a kids in the schoolyard, sun-drenched pop tilt, but with an ever-growing undercurrent of chaos that drives it forward. The ominous moaning and jarring sound design between chorus and verse leave you feeling unsettled, as though something sinister is afoot. The juxtaposition makes for a dynamic, yet still playfully fun song. Peep the video below, and catch them at the Hotel Cafe on March 21. - Jacqueline Caruso


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