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Future Death

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Fit the Bill #2: LiquidLight, Hollow Sidewalks, Future Death and Ringo Deathstarr

Oh, the illusive "perfect bill." All venue bookers, show promoters and bands are constantly seeking an unmarred night of cohesive, fluid musical enjoyment. Unfortunately, it's never as easy to plan as it may seem. Yet last night's show at the Star Theater proved a successful feat on Portland's end, hosting a stacked bill comprised of locals LiquidLight and Hollow Sidewalks, and Texas living Future Death and Ringo Deathstarr.

There's a reason why LiquidLight won the Deli Portland's Best of 2015 Readers Poll, and they more than validated that victory on the stage. It's clear that each member of the band knows how to play their respective instrument well, all of them exhibiting a clean and clear mastery without coming off as pompous, only pleasant. You found yourself easily lost in the technical sweeps of both Anthony Medici's and Cory West's guitar playing, while Zackary Rodrigues pounded out intricate drum beats with ease. Though he kept it low key towards the back of the stage, you could still feel bassist Gage Dean's presence strongly as he maintained the songs' heavy rhythms.

With a slightly differing sound compared to that of LiquidLight, Hollow Sidewalks (pictured above) shared with the audience a different approach to the conventional post-punk form. Lead vocalist Nora Murphy Hughes has a deep and alluring quality to her croon that aids in the band's signature delivery - psyched out post-punk presented in a mellow and enjoyable fashion. Setting the mood with darkroom hued lights, their music warbled and pulsated through your gut, leaving you wanting more of their short and sweet songs.

Each band played as if they place was packed, and though it wasn't, that type of vigor is what helps define a good band. Giving their all, both LiquidLight and Hollow Sidewalks truly fit the bill.

-Cervante Pope


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Future Death play Sect One September 26th

Started as an Austin duo of Alton Jenkins and Bill Kenny in 2012 Future Death have developed into a foursome with the addition of bassist Jeremey Humphries and vocalist Angie Kang. Still a young band, the foursome has nailed the whole art-rock-trash-punk band vibe they are going for. Their debut LP 'Special Victim' came out in May and was recorded in a funeral home turned studio - maybe that's why it sounds so spooky. Slightly reminiscent of Karen O, Kang’s punkish yelps and sweet voiced chants are challenged by the noise of clashing guitars and drums. Future Death have an upcoming Fall tour and, if you wanna headbang along to the noise-punk band in person, they'll be playing Sect One in Austin on Friday, September 26. - Allison Mayoral



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