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Live Review: Cellars at hm157 1/8

Last Friday, the 19th century home-turned-venue Historical Monument 157 (hm157) was host to several eclectic electronic acts including Litronix, Geneva Jacuzzi, and Future Shoxxx — our attention was focused on the haloes emanating from CELLARS, the synthpop project of singer/keyboardist Allene Norton.

Despite technical difficulties that plagued the first several minutes, Norton worked quickly with hm157 staff to reroute her signal chain through a DI box. She was not shaken; Norton traded banter as she worked, even quipped about her debut as a noise artist. At once, dense synth waves flooded the monitors and stirred the audience back to life as Norton lit a quick cigarette. And she tore through the cold with songs from her 2015 debut Lovesick like "Computer Simulation" and "Beat Of Our Love". Glowing from the backdrop of Wes Johannsen's visuals, she stepped down from the stage for a brief moment to connect with her friends. Norton's electric youth had bested a performer's worst nightmare, and primed us for the release of her sophomore album Phases- Ryan Mo 

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Cellars plays hm157 on 1.8, announces debut full-length Phases

There's kind of a muted fidelity filtered within Cellars' otherwise iredescent "Nighttime Girl", a retro jam with a soft rock vibe deepened in its fine shading of sophistication. The song's swank production is partly attributed to Ariel Pink's contributions behind the console, but songwriter Allie Norton uses Pink's cunning recording savvy to further achieve her dazzling pop vision. "Nighttime" is Norton's attempt at trying to retrieve some shred of identity, a fine leap forward that should finally come into full view once she releases her upcoming full-length album Phases on Aptril 15th.

Until then, make sure to preview some of Norton's new material at hm157 this coming Friday, January 8th. 


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