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The Deli LA Premieres: BREATHERRR, “Plume”

Steady constancy is not a means of creation for Michael Anthony Espinach. The Long Beach-based multi-instrumentalist likes to find new approaches that stimulate him, different forms of expression that are starkly honesty even if they could impart some obvious discomfort. His musical project, BREATHERRR, is about taking chances with undaunted persistence - it’s meant to fit no obvious genre, a technique that wholly feeds into his unpredictable streak. What once was an industrial-inspired-project with art rock elements has now transitioned into a sound that’s more embracing but no less challenging. “Plume”, the third track off of his third full-length Almond Noir, is one of the first times where Espinach places himself front and center, a candid piece of free-flowing poetry that is exceptionally suitable for the song’s glitch and thrumming electronic elements.

Almond Noir has a set release date of November 11 on all major music platforms. You can catch him on November 3 at Prospector Long Beach. - Juan Rodríguez

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Live Review: Litronix at Alex's Bar 6/02

The low lights, the simultaneously nefarious but comforting red walls and the general atmospheric qualities that Alex’s Bar exude were appropriate for the mind-altering ambient session that took place on Thursday night. Breatherrr took the stage first, delivering a mesmerizing, spacey sequence of songs. The instrumentals tended to lull you into a state of transcendence before bringing you back to reality with the unexpected. I/O’s dreamy, darkly bohemian songs each built up with intriguing layers and their set was truly dynamic, incorporating upbeat, dark, dreamy and aggressive elements.

Litronix closed the show with their interesting blend of psychedelic electronica, which created an enigmatic, energetic atmosphere reminiscent of a cult meeting (in the best way possible). Absorbed, the audience danced along to the beat and enthusiastically participated when the singer came offstage to dance with some and stare penetratingly into the eyes of many in the crowd. When the bright lights came back on, it took some time to adjust to the absence of other-worldliness that ambient music provided, and for a few moments we stood blinking, as if woken from a trance. - Lauren Weiherer


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