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Eyes of Love

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Record of the Month: Eyes of Love

In August, Eyes of Love put out their highly anticipated debut LP, End of The Game. Helmed by Brooklyn songwriter Andrea Schiavelli, EoL is a true meeting of the minds that brings together some of the New York underground’s most innovative musicians including Lily Konigsberg (Palberta, Lily and Horn Horse), Sammy Weissberg (The Cradle, Sweet Baby Jesus), and Paco Cathcart (The Cradle, Shimmer). End of The Game is an expansive--and impressive--debut of 14 tracks ranging from breezy pop to lush orchestral arrangements. Schiavelli’s vocals find the ability to make any turn of phrase sound instantly classic and accessible, reminiscent of the Magnetic Fields. Be sure to give their excellent album a listen below, and catch the band live this friday when they'll be playing alongside Straw Pipes, Sieve, and Inspect Element in a show put on by WNYU radio. - Sara Nuta

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Get Serenaded by Eyes of Love's bedroom folk-rock at The Glove on 08.09

From the beloved Greenpoint label that's already crowded with talented groups like Macula DogPalbertaThe Sediment Club, and Honey, comes Eyes of Love. The brainchild behind this solo, bedroom folk-rock project is NYC-based, LA-born musician Andrea Schiavelli, ex occasional member of now disbanded Nude Beach and ex-member of Punks on Mars. Andrea has been making music under that somewhat misleading moniker since 2011. His latest self-titled EP features simple song with witty lyrics, plenty of charm, and a rather casual performing attitude that screams "lo-fi!". Hopeful lyrics, rippling keyboard melodies, strolling bass lines and major key guitar parts (like in "If We Could Be Fools") showcase west coast influences that make this record more optimistic than his previous works. Songs like "I Know Everything" (although Lou Reed-esque to a fault) and opening track "Love Possession" (streaming) can restore your faith in the future of this guy's microcosm, during the oppressive middle ages of politics affecting our macrocosm. Andrea also has a  forthcoming split record with Lily Konigsberg, coming out later this month. Don't miss his live performance at NYC's The Glove tomorrow (08.09) - Allie Miller 


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