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Q&A with Ballerina Black

- by Sara Tan

You may recognize them from that spot on ESPN or perhaps it was one of those promos for Gossip Girl. Maybe you just haven't heard them at all, in which case, you should. The post-punk pop trio ironically known as Ballerina Black formed a mere two years ago and have already hit airwaves 'round the world. Ballerina Black's emotive lyrics laced within their catchy beats and melodic guitar riffs are brought to life on Cattle Arithmetic, the band's debut album. Bobby Moynahan, Leonard Nimms and Esli Sugich met one fateful day at Spaceland and have since shared what they call musical "instinct and feeling" about one another.

I love the name--what's the story behind 'Ballerina Black'?

It's a paradox of disciple and elegance, balanced with the things we revere as tragic.

What's the main idea behind Cattle Arithmetic? Do you have an objective behind the album?

The sounds and words on the record are a crude ferocity holding a tea cup. It's a kiss before a car crash, an application of numbers, human constraints and ideologies pressed against something primal, untainted and natural. We love reaching as many ears and hearts possible, and hopefully, collectively discover some things about ourselves and the things around us.

What's your favorite part about playing live?

We've had so many beautiful moments on stage. Some of the best have been the moments of imperfection, where we almost fall apart laughing or an instrument is sacrificed.

Since we're the Deli LA, let's talk L.A. How does the city influence you guys?

Los Angeles is extremely inspiring for me. I am forever grateful to this city. It makes cry and smile from one moment to the next.






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