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scene blog

Sexy sounds: the Violet Lights

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Sexy sounds: the Violet Lights

 This week is the SXSW festival in Texas, which is the breeding ground for up and coming bands as well as unknown acts. One of those up and coming acts is Silver Lake-based duo The Violet Lights. After packing up and leaving their hometown of Green Bay, Wisconsin, the pair of Joel Nass and Amber Garvey ended up in Los Angeles and have been carefully crafting their unique blend of homegrown garage rock and melodic pop riffs. Their debut EP "Sex and Sound" is available to stream on their website, which also offer goodies like their blog which chronicles their adventures in making music. Catch them here locally at Hemingway's on March 27, since it's a big of a trek to Texas for SXSW. - Taylor Lampela



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