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Facts on File debut "How Will We Get Along" (Video)

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Facts on File debut "How Will We Get Along" (Video)

Pan through Southern Californian desert: close up of sand and dune beetle; cut to crevasse with man in tuxedo climbing out, grasping half a bottle of champagne. This is the first 22 seconds of LA-based trio Facts on File’s new video, “How Will We Get Along.” It is also perfect imagery to describe the band’s sound—gritty and carefree, but with a hint of class. The three-piece creates infectious ‘60s-inspired pop tunes that burrow deep in your eardrums and invoke dance parties wherever they are played. Aside from the video debut, expect a record release from the retro poppers in the spring, and check them out live with Tubby Boots, and The Deli LA’s current Artist of the Month, both 3 ½ and Bikos, at The Cinema Bar Saturday, April 7th. - Katrina Nattress

Published: March 08, 2012 |

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