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Artist to Watch: Lee Noble

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Artist to Watch: Lee Noble

Lee Noble is quite the anomaly. First of all, he is an ambient drone artist, which in today's epitomized caffeine-fueled dance party rage lifestyle, isn't something that would immediately catch on. But it's clear that he's not trying to appeal to the fast-paced masses; he wants you to slow down. Slow down and take a minute to listen. His bandcamp page features six albums, but his latest one, entitled Horrorism, is the one I listened to. The album oozes empty church vibes to me, with the analog synths he uses imitating a organ doused in reverb. This is especially prominent in the second track "Goes Sentimental," and on that note, I'd assume that church was haunted. Ambient is not a synonym of lazy, rather it probably takes more effort to create engaging music that is so soothing and haunting at the same time. On his last.fm page, it reads that Noble is a multi-instrumentalist, which means he uses more than synths to create this music. He's playing a show at the Home Room on March 1st, and I can imagine it will be quite fascinating to watch him recreate these sounds live. - Taylor Lampela

Published: March 01, 2012 |

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