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The New Limb's blaring beauty

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The New Limb's blaring beauty

There are some bands who are able to demand a listener's attention by playing their music at a high volume and inserting unnecessary chaos into their songs. Then there are bands like The New Limb who grab people's attention by being loud in a non-literal way. Rather the band's indie pop sound is powerful in a colorful and sophisticated way that is hard to ignore. The songs demonstrate the push and pull emotions of love in such a beautiful and dramatic way that it becomes enchanting. Emotions seem to escalate and then fall in unexpected ways with sweet piano lines and interchanging male and female vocals. There is a strong sense of yearning on songs like "Work I've Done" and "Refugees," the latter being a recently released song, which will be on the band's upcoming album. Other songs like "Birds and Stuff" are bit more light-hearted and bring to mind work by the Postal Service. The New Limb will be playing at the Silverlake Lounge on Thursday before heading off to Austin for their first-ever SXSW showcase. - Karla Hernández



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