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A songwriter you should check out: Big Phony

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A songwriter you should check out: Big Phony

Reminiscent of the late Elliot Smith, Big Phony is a New York City/LA based singer-songwriter who cantors with the somber vibrations of an angel in need of a hug. Gentle phrasing and stripped arrangements graced with melancholy lyrics about Jesus, drugs, and bullies paint the picture of his 2010 release of "Kicking Punching Bags." The religious imagery in several songs reflects his strong devotion to the church (he almost became a pastor). Realizing that was not the life for him, he turned back to music and wrote a collection of 15 songs (several which were re-recorded) that became his first release in 2008, "Straight to Bootleg Vol. 1." Although we do not recommend this album to those who get easily depressed, Big Phony's music is peaceful, contemplative, and rich with fresh words to new ears. - Christina La Rocca


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