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Repairing mini-poll for Best of LA 2011 for Emerging Artists

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Repairing mini-poll for Best of LA 2011 for Emerging Artists

Dear Deli LA Readers,

Sometimes people make mistakes, and some other times trusted web codes behave erratically. A combination of these two things caused the omission of 5 artists from the recently concluded Best of LA 2011 Fans' and Readers' Poll, something that we realized only when we started adding up the votes. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.

We gave a lot of thought about how to fix this, and it seems like the only acceptable way is to give these 5 bands the opportunity to accumulate their fans' votes in a week-long "repairing" poll, which you can find on the right column of this page or here. This will also give us an opportunity to include 3 more bands that were picked by a juror who replied to our request for voting after the deadline.

For this reason the final results of the LA poll are postponed until the end of next week.

Also, if the winner of this poll gets more votes than the winner of the main Fans' and Readers' Poll ended erlier in the month (results here), we will consider both the top bands as poll winners - same goes for all the other top positions.

Just trying to be fair and get ourselves out of a messy situation, hope you understand!

The (stressed out) Deli's Staff


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