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Best of LA 2011 for Emerging Artists: Open Submission Results

Best of LA 2011 for Emerging Artists: Open Submission Results

 After a long and arduous voting process, our Deli jurors have rated all the Los Angeles artists that submitted to be considered for our Year End Best of Los Angeles Poll for Emerging Artists – the competition was especially fierce this year, but I can only attribute it to the fact that the LA music scene was simply exceptional. The artists in the list will quality for the next phase of the poll, and will be added to the bands nominated by our jury of local scenemakers. So without further a do…


Raucous and dirty but oh so melodic, FIDLAR keep enamoring with their no-frills garage sound. Their astute meanderings on the everyday slacker resonate with blatant sincerity, all the while emphasizing a rich gamut of catchy hooks to balance their primal raunch. Most likely playing at a venue near you soon enough, these guys continue to restlessly make the rounds, demonstrating that it takes strict work ethic to build an audience. Judging from these results, they’re doing something right; besides, you can’t go wrong with music that brims with so much energy.


A testament to the power of a well-crafted song, we’ve heard so little from the blistering young band aside from the few songs they’ve posted on their bandcamp page. The perfect embodiment of the word emerging, LA Font have made an eminent first impression with their two tracks “Sharks” and “Lipsmack”, in which pungent guitar chords clash against singer Danny Bobbe’s scathing wit. Above all else, this is lively, streamlined rock n’ roll that’s pleading for more expression. In true DIY form, the band is currently seeking funds to produce their first full-length record.

2b. Sister Ruby Band

The Sister Ruby Band, helmed by twenty two year old wanderer Johnny Ruby, finds his place within the music he writes. Vacillating between reverb-drench psychedelia and brooding folk, the young artists displays maturity well beyond his years, the result of a deep conviction to construct his compositions with seasoned technicality. But Johnny Ruby is imbuing a lot of heart, and beneath all the proficiency, letting in enough frailty and openness that is easy to relate with.

3a. Yellow Red Sparks

Yellow Red Sparks writes contemplative folk anthems that are pleasing to the ears, which instantly provide a pleasing soundtrack to take a cruise outside LA’s congested streets. Evoking the same feeling you get when waking up to a toasty, sun-dappled summer, the OC trio’s rich three part harmonies and wistful acoustic serenades are always the right antidote after an exhaustive day. 


3b. Fake Furs

Do Fake Furs make fun of the consumer driven faux-everything side of LA in how they name themselves? Possibly, but the defining factor that gives this duo gravitas is their propulsive riffage, warped lyrics, and spastic rhythmic grooves. It’s all a bit unusual – they even splatter messy synth lines into their considerably boisterous uproar. To be fair, the nihilistic posturing is apropos with its all-around amplified timbre.

3c. honeyhoney

honeyhoney keeps traditional roots alive and well with their own brand of lonely cowboy blues, lingering harmonies and, at times, foot tapping romps. This all reads like a description for some redolent, antiquated storyteller – instead, it’s the sound of two young and attractive-looking musicians giving their own personality to a sound that is flavored with American themes. Its sound is timeless, indebted to old values for a new generation to behold.

03 Ohio by LostHighwayRecords

3d. Walking Sleep

L.A. quintet Walking Sleep writes sprightly, rollicking pop songs reminiscent of classic rock n’ roll meshed with brill-building pop and some ELO-isms thrown in for added zest. The saccharine dual vocal contributions from Hunter Curra and Sara Radle flow with a sweetened tone to contrast with Adam Schary’s penetrating, yet tuneful guitar lines. These lopsided pop songs shamble on with equal parts fervor and finesse.

These artists also had really good ratings from our jurors: Good Listener, I Hate You Just Kidding, Molino, Silent Comedy, So Many Wizards, Sue Scrofa, Superhumanoids, The Dead Ships, Vanish Valley.

Published: January 06, 2012 |

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