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The Bloody Hollies stick to their guns on new release

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The Bloody Hollies stick to their guns on new release

A band like The Bloody Hollies has never sugarcoated their image. The San Diego four-piece chugs a raw, unpolished garage sound that may take cues from the formative years of rock n’ roll, but their tightly wound musicianship ravenously speaks with a genuine tone. In essence, what you see is what you get – fronted by Wesley Doyle’s demanding vocal presence, their bar-band rock styling blazes straight-faced power chords, Chuck Berry-like solos, and an ill-mannered charm that would even impress a Stooge. Their loud, impetuous vigor may instantly scream revivalism, but bearing in mind that hybridization in pursuit of originality mostly backfires, it’s a pleasure to still see bands sticking to an agenda that is classic in design and off bounds from any pop sensibilities. On September 25th, they’ll be playing at Alex’s Bar on Long Beach in support of just-released new album, Yours Until the Bitter End, via Alive Records.

So Grey, So Green by The Bloody Hollies


Published: September 16, 2011 |

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