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The Milk Carton Kids Write Their Opening Prologue

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The Milk Carton Kids Write Their Opening Prologue

 The set up for the Milk Carton Kids couldn’t be any simpler: two earnest musicians, two classic guitars, and dual vocal harmonies. The Los Angeles duo, comprised of Kenneth Pattengale and Joey Ryan, emote an old timey feel that warmly invites some basking under a glowing afternoon sun. Behind the minimalist arrangements lies a distinctive spare sound that mercifully dodges the current barrage of rustic artists aspiring for Appalachian folk resonance. And with good reason – the plainness provides a wisdom that is wise beyond their years, which translates to songs that are sincere, relaxed, and altogether unassuming. They’ve just released their first studio album, Prologue, via their own Milk Carton Records. - Juan Edgardo Rodríguez

The Milk Carton Kids - Michigan


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