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Carrousel releases modern day lo-fi video for "A Solitary Soul"

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Carrousel releases modern day lo-fi video for "A Solitary Soul"

CARROUSEL -- the duo of Joel and Sharon Piedt -- have released a music video for their new single "A Solitary Soul", off their new EP I Wasn't Well. The song brings the psych rock energy of the Piedts, but the video shows real creativity within limits, as the duo used iPhones alone to shoot the footage. In this day and age, to use just a phone to shoot a film might seem lo-fi. But the other production values the Piedts focused on took their video to another level. Their spacesuit costumes and locations -- some of which were used to film the Tatooine scenes for Star Wars -- create a sense of depth and atmosphere on top of that which the music already provides. Take a look at the video for yourself below, and go find I Wasn't Well on CARROUSEL's Bandcamp. - Will Sisskind


Published: March 05, 2020 |

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