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Listen to Nadoyel's lush, transcendent new single "Providence"

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Listen to Nadoyel's lush, transcendent new single "Providence"

Nadoyel's lush, violin-driven compositions heighten the senses with lulling tranquility. On a surface level, you'd think that the trio of Celia Eydeland, Jacqui Miranda, and Zachary Paul's use of space and atmosphere falls into some blanket term like "dream-pop"—except that they're taking a more experimental approach that sounds riskier and more unique. On "Providence," a highlight in their debut EP, Tav, Paul's blissful, cascading arrangements (he's classically trained) softly glide over Miranda's icy, slow strums—as Eydeland yearns for loving transcendence while sounding just as, well, transcendent. But even if "Providence" has more of an ambient touch, there's a power in its simple elegance—elaborate yet effortless, all while retaining a pop undercurrent. 

Listen to "Providence" below, and hear the rest of Tav on their official bandcamp page. - Juan Rodríguez

Published: September 06, 2019 |

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