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Alex Lilly's 2% Milk drips with originality, performs at El Federal on 1/20

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Alex Lilly's 2% Milk drips with originality, performs at El Federal on 1/20

Somewhere between glam, the ’80s and dream pop lays Alex Lilly and her new album, 2% Milk. Her latest offers a distinct and unique story that ignites an immersive, yet wild ensemble of music that one must feel for themselves. Lilly’s attention to detail pays tribute to the audience she is performing for, releasing a sense of relaxation and familiarization to whoever may need it at the time. Her music and art direction drips an originality that is both refreshing and welcome, especially to those trying to catch her on tour. 

Lilly will be performing at The Federal Bar in L.A. on the 20th. Follow her on social media to find up to date lists of all her upcoming shows. Listen to her single "Distracting Me" below. Kayla Hay

Published: January 16, 2019 |

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