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Glacial Palms shares enigmatic new single, "Dreams Elusive"

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Glacial Palms shares enigmatic new single, "Dreams Elusive"

Glacial Palms look back as a way to look forward on "Dream Elusive." On their enigmatic new single, the sibling-formed six-piece further their intricate, wintry folk-rock in both sound and personnel, given that their new project is a reimagining of their previous band, Sikamor. There's a renewed sense of energy in "Elusive," less so in expansion and more so in subtlely, as they carefully tailor brother and sister Rafael and Fiona Cansino's classically-trained vocals over a soft blanket of descending arpeggios and ambient keys. Theirs is a careful reflection of how the dreams we hold have great significance, even if they're not as tangible as we'd like them to be.

"Dreams Elusive" is the leadoff single off of Glacial Palms' latest EP of the same name. You can listen to it now via their official Soundcloud page. Juan Rodríguez


Published: December 26, 2018 |

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