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Calamity the Kid stress our generational divides on "American Muscle"

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Calamity the Kid stress our generational divides on "American Muscle"

Calamity the Kid are proud of where they come from on "American Muscle." But the indie rock trio does address how this current generational shift has had to pay for their elders' immorality, a defiant outcry that a good portion of our population could perceive as, well, unamerican. "Well you're lucky if you just survive / get arrested and you don't know why / shot down by cops in doubles," summons singer-guitarist, Sam Doniger, as a fuzz-tinged guitar taints an otherwise modern pop sheen. He's simply telling it like it is, and there's no double standard that could ever disprove the song's message.

"American Muscle" is the first single off of Calamity the Kid's debut EP, Late Bloomer," which is out on February 2. You can also watch them perform at The Mint on January 8. Juan Rodríguez 





Published: December 06, 2017 |

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