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The Deli LA Premieres: Gestures & Sounds, “Ass Over Tea Kettle”

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The Deli LA Premieres: Gestures & Sounds, “Ass Over Tea Kettle”

Does music always have to be so serious? It’s sometimes frowned upon when musicians can carry a tune with a big ‘ol grin, as if there’s anything wrong when open-hearted sentiments are amplified with feral passion. The effusive folk-pop of four-piece Gestures & Sounds sure is lively, but its tunefulness is well-balanced and sensible. Their latest single, “Ass Over Tea Kettle,” is a piano-driven pop ditty that demonstrates a band who’s genuinely excited to be playing together, one that will bring people together on a live setting once that fierce guitar strumming segues into their spirited harmonies. The accompanying video also radiates with a colorful glow, a labor of love coming from four film majors who were involved in developing the promo cut from beginning to end. Things sure seem rather bleak out there in the world, but the beaming Gestures & Sounds have a united and resolute response to these trying times: sometimes it helps to just lighten up.

“Ass Over a Tea Kettle” is the first single off of the band’s debut album, Bill Nye Thinks We’re a Band, due out in September 15. - Juan Rodríguez

Published: June 30, 2017 |

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