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Happy Hollows return with new LP Concordia, release new track "Feel the Moon"

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Happy Hollows return with new LP Concordia, release new track "Feel the Moon"

It's been a good four years since we last heard of Happy Hollows. The post punk duo were always quite adept at refreshing the rhythmic thrust of eighties new wave with a more joyful anthemic thrust, but not without considering the gloom that also surrounds it. And it sounds as if they're taking it right where they left off with their latest single, "Feel the Moon," a synth-driven stomper with a krautrock bent that also reminds us of Sarah Negahdari's spellbinding vocal delivery. In a year that's had so many unexpected reappearances in the indie rock landscape, theirs is a welcome and necessary return.

"Feel the Moon" is the first single off of the band's latest release, entitled Concordia. Before the album's September 8 release, you can catch them play a hometown show at The Echo on July 17. Check out the official video below. - Juan Rodríguez

Published: June 29, 2017 |

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