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Small Forward release debut effort "The Moon You Stand On"

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Small Forward release debut effort "The Moon You Stand On"

Small Forward’s debut offers up a genteel kind of spare psychedelic folk that impresses with their careful attention to songcraft. Combining distinctive jangly guitars with echoing harmonies, the songs in The Moon You Stand On patiently unfurl with winding ballads that are lushly affective. There’s a familiarity to their simple approach that makes them sound timeless, teeming with multi-layered guitars and chugging beats that lend a uniformity to their quietly resplendent melodies.

Small Forward are playing at The Mint on January 25, 2017. You can listen to The Moon You Stand On on their official bandcamp page and most major music streaming platforms. Juan Rodríguez

Published: December 21, 2016 |

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