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Common Souls release intimate new single "Roots//Habit"

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Common Souls release intimate new single "Roots//Habit"

Common Souls, a self proclaimed ESM (electronic sad music) duo, just released their newest single off of their latest EP, Pyramids. The single, “Roots//Habit”, is a love song so organic and raw you’d swear it was written just for you (and for one of you out there, it probably is). The pure talent Ryan Yoo and Nick Velez have is equivalent to an entire studio production, with sound producers, mixers, band members, etc. But they do it alone and the amount of soul and vibrant energy the two produce is astonishing. Pyramids creates a dynamic, electronic, spellbinding musical experience that captures the emotion in music most artists struggle to find. Common Souls might just be the secret love child of The Weeknd and Frank Ocean, and I am definitely okay with that. - Kayla Hay

Published: November 17, 2016 |

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