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coyóte releases frantic new single "a lil bit"

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coyóte releases frantic new single "a lil bit"

Coyóte make a consirable commotion on their latest single, "a lil bit", though it's also the kind of contagious racket that will turn a non-plussed frown into a convinced nod. The Siler Lake foursome's hyper guitar leads and blistering synth stabs hit you with a frantic unease, and though it's not inspired by any current trend, it does peculiarly evoke the dance-punk craze of bands like Death Above 1979 and !!!. Perhaps those references are sightly out of touch, or even premature, for today's grunge-obsessed revisionits, but it's only a point of reference; coyote's bracing and agitated strut provides, well, more than just "a lil bit" of joyful release.

Coyóte's debut EP is out later this fall. - Juan Edgardo Rodríguez



Published: October 14, 2016 |

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