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Heartwood releases impassioned new single "Peace of Mind"

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Heartwood releases impassioned new single "Peace of Mind"

Indie rock quartet Heartwood first graced us close to half a year ago with "Can't You", a promising single that had a vivid anthemic quality with its prominent harmonies and noodling guitars. Their latest single, "Peace of Mind", is a serious step up for a band that is embracing a no-frills form of guitar rock that both ehtuses and invigorates. Lead by Michael Armstrong's superb vocal range, the track propels forward a hyper-melodic guitar hook that steers its way to a memorable chorus that is all the more augmented by the band's radiant harmonic phrasing. 

Heartwood are currently working on releasing their first set of recorded material. - Juan Rodríguez

Published: September 10, 2016 |

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