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Live Review: Steady Holiday at The Satellite 1/5

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Live Review: Steady Holiday at The Satellite 1/5

At one point Dre Babinski joked if The Satellite's audience could tell all her songs were in 6/8. The singer-songwriter sat snugly in her throne, a pistachio wing-back that contrasted sharply with the fireburst guitar in her hands. Softened by the acoustic hum of Bedouine and slightly inebriated, fans and friends threw their reactions to the stage, but Dre was unaffected. Her cool composure and glaucous coordination spun webs from Steady Holiday's soon-to-be-released debut Getting There — it was hard to move while songs like "Your Version of Me" persisted, even for the photographers. And at each definitive end, the cheers and applause reinforced our belief that even the softest voice can speak volumes under the right light, even on a Tuesday night.

See Steady Holiday perform again at the end of this month for Bootleg Theater's GIRLSCHOOL Fest and stay tuned for the slated release of Getting There. Check out pictures from the night on our Instagram @TheDeliLA- Ryan Mo, photo by Michelle McCausland

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