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Dreampop group Nightjacket releases video for Right Way To Fall

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Dreampop group Nightjacket releases video for Right Way To Fall

While folk singer-songwriter Holland Belle takes melody by the horns in her solo output, her collaborative work in Nightjacket goes a different way. Like Mazzy Star (which they're oft-compared to), Belle and guitarist Jordan Wiggins are the creative force behind Nightjacket's work, but they don't mimic the aetheric qualities of Hope Sandoval and David Roback. The familiar acoustic strum ripples with each of Belle's refrain, aptly paired with Wiggins' cavernous reverb, inebriating modulation, or slapback fuzz. Backed by veterans Steve Lucarelli (Wounds, Gasoline Heart), Louie Schultz (Army Navy), and Diego Guerrero (Red Cortez), Nightjacket emanates a quaint, calming sound that can chill your spine like a twilight breeze through a desert highway.

Their debut EP "Eternal Phase" is available to stream in full on their Bandcamp. Watch their music video for "The Right Way To Fall" below. - Ryan Mo

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