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JoJo Worthington @ Homegrown

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JoJo Worthington @ Homegrown

No stranger to the stage, or The Deli, Jojo Worthington is a dynamic delight; a breath of fresh air in the ever-saturated AltFolk scene. This little lady is gearing up to let the world witness her enchanting creations, with the release of her full-length album “7”. If you haven’t already gotten the chance, listen to “Amadeus”; it’s an upbeat treat not to pass over. The song relies on simplicity; from the straightforward ukulele rhythm you hear at the start, to the way Jojo's candy sweet voice floats over the entire song. She stays true to her witty songwriting roots with this one; the lyrics are both intriguing and ironically humorous, at one point, amusingly boasting "The headlines scream the death of Amadeus" after almost-regretfully reminiscing about a better time. Her music remains consistent; bouncy and catchy as she positively succeeds in keeping you hooked until the last note! “Amadeus” will be stuck in your head, leaving you singing the memorable chorus and title for days. This quirky, pink-haired darling is "drooling with excitement" to share with you all! Over the next few days she'll be embarking on a four-city CD release tour. You can grab a copy of "7" and watch her perform Jan16 @ Homegrown Hamilton and Jan 18 @ The Smiling Buddha. -Courtney Chalapenko

Published: January 15, 2015 |

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