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Album Review: Habits, 'Unselves in Arrival'

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Album Review: Habits, 'Unselves in Arrival'

Emerging like a phoenix from the garbage pile of the internet, Habits, the sample-based one man show created by Dustin M. Krapes, has finally released his collection of songs as a full length LP, 'Unselves in Arrival.' Most of the songs that make up this collection would be as much at home at a dancehall as they would be at the Church on York. To categorize this as electro rock, or synth pop, or at all for that matter, severely undercuts the scope of his work. I can merely, at my best, describe it as a chopped up, caffeinated, cut and paste collage of found sounds from music's past tailor-made for the future. This is one of the albums that should surely be buried in 2014's time capsule, perhaps sent in a rocket to whatever planet we end up colonizing next.
Trite as it may sound, the bombardment of submissions from kids playing music like it's a video game, is overwhelming, and their efforts, more than underwhelming. Not only is Habits' music commenting on this aspect of our modern age, it's beating them all at their own game. - Jacqueline Caruso

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Published: April 21, 2014 |

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