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Cobalt Cranes "Head in the Clouds"

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Cobalt Cranes "Head in the Clouds"

A woolly, all-too-familiar bassline is the backbone of Head in the Clouds, instantly providing the image of an unkempt vigilante with a thirst for justice. There's a sense of mystery, the song marking its territory with each lingering chord. And then the soft, fairly indistinguishable vocals of Tim Foley and Kate Betuel come into view from afar, coating the grainy surface with a sparkling glare. Cobalt Cranes create an expansiveness without actually dwelling upon it, and opts to charge headfirst into battle instead of endlessly building into a rising action. This is the first taste off their debut LP of the same name, which drops on April 9th via Anticc Records.

Published: January 17, 2013 |

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