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New tracks: "#fire" and "#16monkies" by Everyday/Everynight

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New tracks: "#fire" and "#16monkies" by Everyday/Everynight

Since emerging in 2009, Everyday/Everynight has managed to make a lot of noise in the Kansas City scene. With a full length release in 2011, a two-week tour and a best emerging act nomination under its belt, the band has effectively punched the clock and done the necessary time needed to grind out a respectable reputation as a working-class band.

Assuming that the Mayans don’t fuck us over, the band will ride that reputation into 2013 on the strength of their new single “#fire.” The track positions itself nicely with plenty of build and atmospheric noise to gather mystique. Easing in with passive drums over porno sounds, “#fire” climbs upwards into a full Radiohead frenzy. Perfectly paced and patterned flawlessly underneath mellow and melodic vocals, the song takes a simple approach to its structure with repetitive guitar and bass riffs blended with reasonably adjusted floor tom drumming.  If time travel were possible, “#fire” could easily spark up the flux capacitor and find its way snuggled into the set list of several classic 1990’s movie soundtracks. Local nerds: think Flick’s The Perfect Kellulight with this track.

As a bonus, the release packages “#fire” with a free t-shirt and an additional cut titled “#16monkies.” The bonus track takes on a heavier demeanor than the single, opening with straightforward and aggressive drum and guitar beats before shifting into a 2004-era Modest Mouse-like jam session. However, the track jumps ship, bolting at the vocal break for a Purple Rain-inspired rant that effectively swells into an epic arena rock chorus. The song absolutely doesn’t fuck around and pairs with the single in a manner that makes it just as worthy a purchase as “#fire.” While it might be the free toy in your Happy Meal release, it absolutely is not a throw away.

Overall, I only have one minor complaint regarding the release. Collectively coming in at 10 minutes, the tracks are a little on the long-winded side considering most full-lengths linger around 35 to 40 minutes. However, considering the sound and manner in which the time is used, the tracks deserve a free pass for this. They’re efficient in their aim and gather enough momentum to stir excitement toward whatever project the band tackles next.
Therefore this release has done its job. Gold stars will be had by all.

You can download "#fire" and "#16monkies" at the link right here. The songs were recorded by Ross Brown at Rock Jack Studios.

--Joshua Hammond

After stints drumming for both The Afternoons and Jenny Carr and the Waiting List in the Lawrence/Kansas City music scene, Joshua Hammond found his footing as a music journalist, launching the national publication Popwreckoning. After running the show as Editor in Chief for 6 years, Hammond stepped away from the reigns to freelance for other publications like Under The Gun Review and High Voltage Magazine. This shift allowed the adequate amount of time for him to write passionately, allow the Kansas City Royals to break his heart on a daily basis and spoon his cats just enough that they don't shred his vinyl. 

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