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Dan Deacon's "True Thrush" Music Video

Dan Deacon's "True Thrush" Music Video

Baltimore's avant-awesome Dan Deacon is set to release his next album America later this month on 8/28, and for now you can check out the fun collective visualization of one of the tracks "True Thrush" below. Deacon made his co-directorial debut alongside Ben O'Brien and features some familiar scene faces from Wham City, Dan Deacon Ensemble, Ed Schrader's Music Beat, Future Islands, Red Room Collective, Copycat Theater, Effervescent Dance Collective, Showbeast, Annex Theater, Nuclear Power Pants, FlucT, BXDC, Bloody Panda, Foot Talk, Important Comics, the Baltimore Museum of Art, and various icons of the legendary Baltimore Arts Community.

Via Force Field PR- "Deacon's concept for the video is loosely related to the lyrics, and mirrors his use of asymmetrical repetition and evolving patterns. For the video, Dan and Ben filmed a simple 13-second scene. That scene was then shown to the next team. After seeing the video that team had 1 hour to recreate it -- characters, props, set, costumes, and actions -- as close to exactly as possible from only their memory. With each new team the scene evolves. The energy begins to amplify and the chaos increases due to the distorting tendency of memory. The beauty of the video is in the completed arc, an arc that only exists because each team was blind to it.

Published: August 02, 2012 |

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